PowerICE Frozen Electrolytes

I ran out of gels last week after a long 35km run.  Before heading to the store to pick up some more, I received a case of PowerIce Frozen Electrolytes in the mail that I had won in a contest.  Perfect timing!

I have tried these frozen bars out and am quite impressed so far.  I have used them during and after my training runs.  However, I have been running on a treadmill, so it is much more realistic to go grab one of these out of the freezer than to carry one on a long run.  It was a nice change of pace from the gels and cooled me off at the same time.  During the EndurRun this summer, one of the best treats were the popsicles and freezies being handed out during our longer races, so having some electrolytes in them, like these, would have been an added bonus.  I haven’t tried them out before any activity yet, which is something that the company recommends.

Now, I have a strong stomach and it doesn’t get upset from different gels or anything, so I would love to here from those who have a more sensitive stomach

– tastes like a freezie!  They are delicious and make me feel like a kid
– cools you down
– all natural
– 20 mg of potassium and 25 mg of sodium
– caffeine-free (can also be a con for some people)
– 100% of recommended daily amount of Vitamin C
– gluten-free
– cheaper than gels (less than $50 US for a case of 50)

– can’t carry on runs or other activities when you are outside
– if you need or want caffeine for your activity, you are out of luck – no caffeine in these


Would you like to see something like this given out at races?


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