9Run Run and Kitchissippi Run

I have written a race report in a long time, so here we go!

I wasn’t too happy with my two half-marathon attempts at the beginning of the year, so that is probably why I didn’t share the results. It is discouraging to have your worst time ever, but also motivating to work harder. After the reality check, I put my (sore) butt in gear and started training for the specific races coming up. That meant getting outside to do hill workouts after no hills for almost a full year and running outside when it is cold (I’m a whimp!)

Part of my training was also trying to heal my butt/hamstring injury from last July. I’ve been going to some athletic therapy, massage therapy and purchased a stand-up desk.  Not sitting so much has really helped. I’m really active when I’m active, but for most of the day I’m very sedentary because of my job.  Out of necessity, I also had to start doing more double runs. My husband has been working longer hours on his course right now,  and has been traveling, so I can’t get most of my run in before the kids go to school.  Later night runs have been happening while my kids are in their extra-curricular activities.  Much harder on me, but also helps make race day easier.

The motivation from my worst time helped me achieve my PB for two courses. Although not my personal best times, they were my best for each of the courses and my best times for the year

I shaved off about 30 seconds for both the Kitchissippi Run and 9Run Run and achieved first place for both.

The Kitchissippi Run is a very small local event. It is about half on road and half in the research forest (hills and gravel are two of my weaknesses).  It was hovering around 0C, but the cooler weather helped.  I was third overall for most of the race until we reached the final 6 km stretch that got us back on the road. It made me feel good to have the energy to kick it up for the last 6km. I was second overall and first female, but there were not many participants. They added in a bike race to the event too, so some regulars moved over to the bike event. Another local race was also the day before, so there was a bit of competition for participants.

kitchippi 2017 2.jpg

The 9RunRun race is helped in Stittsville near Ottawa and was just 2 weeks past the Kitchissippi Run.  It is a race supporting Ottawa’s fire, police and paramedics service. The race is flat and fast. The kids came with me this year and really enjoyed the activities, such as face painting.  They want to come back and do the 2km next year.  Again for this race, I was able to really pull up the pace for the last 6 km with my last km at 3:54 which was my fastest km, next to my first at 3:55.  My last 6km was also as fast as my first.  I was second female until the last 6km. Out of around 450 people, I placed 5th overall and 1st female.


I wish I had another race shortly to see how I could push myself now that I know that I have enough energy for the last half of the race. However, living in a smaller community up North, it is a big event with hotels and lots of driving to go to most events, so racing is rare. Overall, I’m glad that I finished the season on a stronger note.

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