Ice Cream Sandwich Cake (vegan)

It has been a while since my last post but we’ve been spending the last two months renovating and camping.  It has been busy! This past weekend we decided to celebrate our 4 family summer birthdays all in one shot. I made two cakes, and this cake was all mine (since we missed my real birthday last month). It is really quick and easy to make. The hands-on time is less than 15 minutes and requires only 3 ingredients.

You can use whatever brand of non-dairy ice cream sandwiches and whip cream that you can find.  We only have one kind in our local store so it was an easy choice! These ice cream sandwiches were the perfect size for my loaf pan and only required 1 cut.  If you find larger ones, just cut them to the size of your pan.

_DSC0044 (2).JPG


1 box of non-dairy ice cream sandwiches – (I used So Delicious Mini soy ice cream sandwiches 544 mL)
1 container (255g) non-dairy whiped cream (I used So Delicious CocoWhip)
1/3 cup crushed Oreo crumbs or chocolate wafer crumbs


  1. Line a small loaf pan (8 x 4 inches) with parchment paper. Pull out whipped cream from freezer and let dethaw for 10 minutes
  2. Put in one layer of ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of the pan (I used 4 minis and just cut the last one to fit)
  3. Top with 1/2 of the container of whipped cream
  4. Top with the chocolate crumbs and put back in freezer for 20 minutes. Put whipped cream in fridge until you are ready for next layer.
  5. Add in one more layer of ice cream sandwiches and push them down slightly to push the whip cream to the sides of the cake
  6. Top with the remainder of the whipped cream. At this point you can top with additional ingredients if you want, such as sprinkles, or more chocolate crumbs.
  7. Store in freezer covered.  When ready to serve, take out for 5 minutes so slightly soften before cutting.


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