Raw Spinach Wraps

These wraps are super healthy as there is a whole large package of spinach and 1/2 cup of flax for 8 wraps. I usually eat at least 2 wraps per serving. The wraps are filled with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, folate (vitamin B9), potassium, fiber and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

They are also a healthier alternative to corn or flour tortillas and contain no refined flour or sugars. The hands-on time is very minimal as everything is thrown in the blender at once.

I like mine filled with homemade hummus, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. They are also great as a wrap for for a veggie burger.

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Cultured Cream Cheese – Two Flavours

Now that I’m back working at home, I’m saving time not driving or getting ready in the morning.  So, there is a bit more time for food prep and cooking.  This extra time also really helps make my running more consistent and I am seeing improvement in my times since taking a lot of time off of running.

I didn’t try regular cream cheese until my late teens when I worked at Tim Hortons.  I love it but not necessarily the ingredients in it.  I decided to take a look at some of my favourite brands of non-dairy cream cheese and make my own.  We are now only shopping once every 3 or more weeks, so it makes sense to make use of whatever pantry staples we already have. I can’t stop eating these cream cheese with freshly baked crackers!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Bites

I swore I didn’t like Nutella. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had it, but as a kid I ate way too many Ferrero Rocher chocolates and the thought of chocolate hazelnut anything made me feel ill.  That was until my kids tried Nutella and loved it and I had to find a healthier version to buy.   I was wrong. Chocolate and Hazelnut can be together again…in a healthier, reduced-sugar, dark version form. I can eat that stuff straight with a spoon. Continue reading “Chocolate Hazelnut Bites”

Rocky Road Ice Cream

I found my ice cream maker the other day!!! I thought it got thrown out in the move, so it couldn’t have come at a better time, that being summer holidays.

Rocky Road and Heavenly Hash were my favourite ice cream flavours growing up, so I had to make a vegan version of one of them.  Feel free to add in more chocolate chips, nuts or marshmallows to your liking.

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Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups

I’ve never bought fruit roll-ups before for my kids, but they have definitely tried them at some point in time because they often ask me to buy them.  Since I’ve gotten my dehydrator in the fall, I haven’t had much time to use it.  Yesterday, the organic strawberries that were on clearance made me get out the new dehydrator and put it to use.  I can’t resist a good sale on berries!

The roll-ups were super easy to make and my girls devoured both sheets with their friends before dinner. Continue reading “Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups”