Spinach Tortillas

When I used to buy my tortillas wraps from the store, I always went with the flavoured ones, hoping that I would get extra nutrition from the bit of added vegetables.  However, you always get less tortillas for the same price…about 40% less!  We have been making the regular tortillas for about 6 years, so I decided it was time to venture into making some flavour ones.  It is easier than you think and will cost you much less. Continue reading “Spinach Tortillas”

Nutty Citrus Bread

I was in a bread-making mode (made 3 different bread recipes today!) and decided that I wanted to make some festive loafs.  I was originally going to make a combination of nuts and fruit that also involved cranberries and pistachios, but we were all out so I just used what we had on hand.   You can do the same by switching up the raisons and nuts with whatever you have, such as dates, cranberries, pistachios.  Continue reading “Nutty Citrus Bread”