Rocky Road Ice Cream

I found my ice cream maker the other day!!! I thought it got thrown out in the move, so it couldn’t have come at a better time, that being summer holidays.

Rocky Road and Heavenly Hash were my favourite ice cream flavours growing up, so I had to make a vegan version of one of them.  Feel free to add in more chocolate chips, nuts or marshmallows to your liking.

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Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (Vegan)

It has been so nice and unusually warm out lately, that I haven’t put the ice cream maker away yet. To make a more seasonally appropriate ice cream, I did decide to make the obvious pumpkin spice flavoured treat.  Sorry, I had to! We didn’t have any pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving because we were camping, so this is the next best thing. Plus, my husband doesn’t really enjoy pumpkin pie so I would have had to eat it all by myself. Continue reading “Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (Vegan)”

3-Ingredient Green Tea Ice Cream (vegan)

I love green tea ice cream but haven’t been able to find a non-dairy alternative at the grocery store.  It was hard enough finding green tea ice cream at the store when I did eat dairy!  When we were in Ottawa last week, I saw matcha powder after our visit to a sushi restaurants (coincidence) and had to buy for my first time.  I bought a large container for the sole purpose of making myself green tea ice cream.  It is creamy, light, and not too sweet.  Continue reading “3-Ingredient Green Tea Ice Cream (vegan)”

Blueberry Swirl Coconut Ice Cream

We have been picking wild blueberries like crazy this week in the bush behind our house.  We are stocking up for the winter, but I also wanted to enjoy some now.  Since it is summer, ice cream was one of the first thoughts that came to mind. I was inspired by Luna and Larry’s Summer Berry Swirl Ice cream. I checked out their ingredient list and decided to test it out in my kitchen. The results are as good and in my opinion, even better. It is fluffy and creamy (and dreamy!) at the same time and keeps soft when you need to scoop it after freezing. My husband and I were fighting over the mixing paddles and he tried to lick out my bowl! Continue reading “Blueberry Swirl Coconut Ice Cream”