Mega Mixed Nut and Fruit Granola

Off we go for another camping trip.  I’m always looking for snacks that we can bring that don’t require refrigeration and that our entire family enjoys.  We only have so much room in our two small coolers!  Granola is perfect for snacking and breakfast and full of healthy ingredients. This recipe has 1.5 cups of nuts and over 1.5 cups of dried fruit in just a small batch. You can adjust the recipe to your own tastes and even add in some chocolate chips if you want.   Continue reading “Mega Mixed Nut and Fruit Granola”

Power Nut Clusters

I’ve said it before, I love the challenge of making items that I love at home. For example, with these nut clusters, I often will buy them at Bulk Barn or Costco because they are a healthier snack. Yesterday, I went to buy the ones that are dipped on the bottom with dark chocolate, but stopped when I saw that it was $5.09/100g. That works out to $23 a pound! I snapped a picture of the ingredients and then came home to make them for a fraction of the cost. Continue reading “Power Nut Clusters”