Rocky Road Ice Cream

I found my ice cream maker the other day!!! I thought it got thrown out in the move, so it couldn’t have come at a better time, that being summer holidays.

Rocky Road and Heavenly Hash were my favourite ice cream flavours growing up, so I had to make a vegan version of one of them.  Feel free to add in more chocolate chips, nuts or marshmallows to your liking.

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Mega Mixed Nut and Fruit Granola

Off we go for another camping trip.  I’m always looking for snacks that we can bring that don’t require refrigeration and that our entire family enjoys.  We only have so much room in our two small coolers!  Granola is perfect for snacking and breakfast and full of healthy ingredients. This recipe has 1.5 cups of nuts and over 1.5 cups of dried fruit in just a small batch. You can adjust the recipe to your own tastes and even add in some chocolate chips if you want.   Continue reading “Mega Mixed Nut and Fruit Granola”

Date Pistachio Cheese Ball

Yes, this is pretty much the same recipe as I posted a couple of weeks ago, but with this recipe I changed two things. I used dates instead of cranberries (yum!) and I let the cheese sit for a solid 2 days in the fridge. Letting the cheese sit really firmed it up. You can really use whatever toppings you like. Toasted walnuts with the dates would be fantastic. Continue reading “Date Pistachio Cheese Ball”