Fudgy Chocolate Coconut Bites

These bites are a perfect little addition for your kids’ lunch boxes or your own.  They are vegan, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.  The hemp hearts are so good for you (protein, all 10 essential amino acids, Omega 3 and 6)!  They are also naturally-sweetened so you can feel good serving these sweets.  I’m in love with making creative lunches!

If you don’t want to coat in coconut, you can coat in any toppings you want (e.g., chopped nuts if you don’t need nut-free, raw cocao powder, cinnamon, sprinkles).

Note: My coconut used here was a little large for the balls I made, so I would suggest buying the coconut that is finer or chop yours up in a blender/food processor).  I could only get sweetened ones from the store that were more finely shredded.



  • 1 cup pitted medjool dates, soaked (approximately 12 large dates)
  • 1 1/4 cup hemp hearts
  • 5 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • pinch salt
  • 1/4 cup finely shredded unsweetened coconut


  1. Soak the dates in warm water for at least 30 minutes.  Drain well after.
  2. Add all of your ingredients, besides the coconut to a food processor and puree.  The mixture should be very fudgy and soft.
  3. Place the mixture in the fridge for at least 15 minutes to make it easier to work with. You can just put the whole food processor container into the fridge rather than transferring to another bowl.
  4. Scoop out with a teaspoon and form into small balls.  You can also use a small cookie scoop to make larger ones. I prefer the small ones for lunches.
  5. Roll the balls in coconut or toppings of your choice.
  6. Store in fridge or freezer.

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Running with Veggies

I'm a plant-based distance runner and mother of two young girls. I enjoy making healthy recipes and experimenting with food. I also love to garden, so you will see many seasonal recipes that use what is currently growing in my backyard. I have a HBSc. in Nutrition and a Doctorate in Education and this background provides me with the skills necessary to pursue my passion - educating others on healthy eating. I don't count calories, so you won't find any nutritional information in my recipes. However, I strive to make each recipe healthy enough to fuel you and your family through the day.

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